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From the Creator of #1 Diet in America, as Selected by Harper's Bazaar Magazine
Traveler's GUIDE
To Healthy Eating On-the-Go!
What Is This Book About?
Have you ever gone on a trip and gained weight? Felt tired and bloated from the junky airport food and road rest areas?

That happens a lot when we don't have the right tools and foods to support us during our travels. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Traveler's Guide For Healthy Eating On The Go is the perfect companion for any trip that will help you stay healthy and happy. Simply download the e-book to your favorite mobile devices and you will have instant access to it anywhere you go!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"This book shows you exactly what to order and how to save money!"

- Priscilla Tuft, Fitness Personality and Nutritionist 
"Great resource! It filters clutter and helps you make better choices on where to eat!"

Joshua Shader, Healing Foods Chef
"A Realistic Guide To Staying Happy & Healthy On the Road" e-Book Version Digital Download
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Thanks for the great tips!!...for everybody!

Wow, just bought this little gem, so handy to have for travel and inspiring for making healthy choices on the road, in the air, and in the restaurants of the world. Especially good tips for preparing ahead and having great support and healthy yummies to take along! This Traveler's Guide makes a great gift too, unexpected and perfect!...hope Alina Z writes a whole series of these!!

Really Helpful Mini-Book for Those of Us On-The-Go!

I got this book as a gift from a friend because I am always traveling due to work every week and she wanted me to take better care of my health, instead of using the fact that I am always on the go as an excuse to eat mostly junk and not take good care of health while I am away. So I gave it a try. WOW! What a game changer. Really. I now take this little booklet with me everywhere. I've already lost 13 lbs. by simply implementing a few of the tips the author suggests. I am a TOTAL foodie and will still indulge in my favorite things from time to time. It's just that now I take better care on my day to day choices since I am well informed by the content I've learned from this book. Thank you, Chef Alina Z! A very grateful reader.

Lost weight on vacation!

Because of you and your book, I lost 2 pounds last week!! Kept some important snack items and powders to make smoothies on the go which made a huge difference. I still ate my favorite foods in my home town, but in moderation. Felt satisfied and energetic all week! Thank you helping with this great little guide!! Laurie
Here's What You'll Learn From This Useful Guide:
  • "Her book is designed to give people healthy ideas for on-the-go snacks, how to choose wisely at restaurants, what to eat in hot versus cold climates, and other handy suggestions."  - Miami New Times
  • Arranged in two dozen quick-read chapters, Zhukovskaya’s guide covers every aspect of eating outside your home. For instance, in the “Crunchy Carbs and Chips” chapter, Zhukovskaya offers tasty, nutritious alternatives to the typical airport pretzels, chips and popcorn. - Palm Beach Post
  • [Alina Z] has condensed much of her health and wellness wisdom into a self-published, pocket-size book called "Traveler’s Guide to Couture Nutrition: Top Tips for Eating On-the-Go", which will help you stay on course with your nutrition — no matter where life takes you. - Honolulu Star Advertiser
  • This mini book is only 64 page, is downloadable to any mobile device and is filled with Z-tips such as:
  • What to buy at the store or online before your trip
  • How to eat at Italian, French, Mexican, Asian, American and many other restaurants
  • It covers many different healthy foods available from fast food to high-end steakhouses
  • How to eat when traveling to a cold climate
  • How to eat when traveling to a hot climate
  • What to eat organic and what is ok when eaten conventional
  • Guides for online restaurant directories
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